The demand for talent in industry is as competitive as ever, and for more than four decades, J.P. Zopolos & Associates Inc. has exhibited the ability and the desire to work with candidates like you who know their professional goals and have the skills and drive to achieve them. We believe in establishing relationships with candidates for the long term, and we conduct business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Our goal is to not simply make a placement but to align the right person with the right opportunity. We strive to connect professionals with organizations where not only the technical needs are met but where the culture fit is aligned. We at J.P. Zopolos & Associates Inc. understand that today’s candidates could be tomorrow’s clients, and we act accordingly, providing services and solutions that promote long-term relationships.


At J.P. Zopolos & Associates, we believe in delivering personalized consultation with every step of the process. We make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful and meet your goals, including resume review, interview guidance and preparation, salary negotiation, preparation for resignation and assistance with walking through the acceptance steps. We share timely feedback and openly answer questions. We are focused on building successful long term relationships to support you throughout your career.


We understand how delicate the search for new career opportunities can be and we emphasize trust, respect and honesty, exercising every mean at our disposal to ensure that your confidentiality is protected throughout the process.


Our extensive history of serving and succeeding in the industry is a testament to the level of commitment you can expect when partnering with J.P. Zopolos & Associates Inc. We have more than 40 years of experience and we leverage all of it to help you find the best opportunity.

We Look Forward to Working With You

Whether you are ready to find great talent, a better opportunity or you just have additional questions, please contact us today.